How to Find High-Quality CBD Oil

High Quality CBD Oil

Source: Papa and Barkley

The CBD market is not so regulated at this time and the complete responsibility of finding a reputable source of CBD oil. The marketplace is loaded with a lot of scam products that don’t contain any cannabidiol. They could also contain harmful chemicals that could affect your health adversely. It is important to ensure you get a high-quality product to get the desired effects. There are some indications that let you identify high-quality Cannabis oil from others. Here is a guide to help you find out whether the product you are selecting is worth relying on. 

What is a Good Cannabis Oil?

A product that is safe and effective is a high-quality Cannabinoid Oil. It contains the correct concentration of cannabinoids and is free of any heavy metals or chemicals. It does what it has to and benefits your health. While some users believe that a full-spectrum cannabidiol oil is high-quality, it is not true. Any broad-spectrum, full-spectrum or isolate product can be good quality if it comes from organically grown hemp plants, extracted using safe methods and tested by a third-party lab. Such a Cannabinoid Oil is beneficial and harmless. While full-spectrum products provide additional benefits with the entourage effect, isolates can also be useful. 

Identifying a High-Quality CBD Oil

A number of factors help to identify a superior quality Cannabis oil. It need not be the most potent product. Here are some of the most important indicators to find a good quality oil. 


It is a fact that hemp-derived Cannabis Oil is the highest quality. It is legal and known to produce superior quality of oil. While cannabidiol oil can be produced from marijuana, it is not so safe. It could contain high amounts of THC. Make sure you refer to the brand website to see where the hemp was grown. Hemp cultivated in North America and Europe follows strict guidelines for quality. It is also advisable to look for mail order marijuana services as they are legalized.


When it comes to gauging the quality of the product, color can be an important indication. The color of these products can vary to a great extent and you should be really careful. An isolate can be in the color of the carrier oil while full-spectrum oil is brown or dark green in color. A greenish CBD suggests that the product contains all the essential cannabinoids and the oil is high-quality. 

Third-Party Tests

The most important indicator is third-party lab test results when looking for the best Cannabis oil on the market. Most of the reputed brands get their products tested by third-party laboratories for complete analysis and verification. The tests verify if the products contain any fertilizers or chemicals and check their cannabinoid content. You should always check for these test reports to verify the quality of the product. Some of the best companies post these results on their website. 

THC Content

The psychoactive THC is not legal for use in most places. This suggests that your CBD oil should contain no THC and it should come from hemp. Third-party lab test results can tell you the THC content in the product. Make sure it has less than 0.3 percent of the compound to be safe and legal for use. A high-quality oil is made out of hemp and contains minimum THC.