CBD Oil for Pain Management – Does It Work?

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Source: Ultra Zen CBD

Most of us have heard that CBD can work for pain management. Pain is, in fact, one of the most popular reasons why people look for using CBD products. Pain is a common symptom of health conditions and illnesses that people deal with on a regular basis. Chronic pain is quite prevalent among aging adults. It is natural that people look for more effective means of pain relief. Let us explore the pain management effects of CBD oil in detail. 

CBD & Pain – What You Should Know?

It is difficult to obtain clear information about CBD’s pain management effects from manufacturers because FDA has still not approved CBD for cure, prevention and treatment of diseases. Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved medical product used to treat seizures. Such a lack of approval means the CBD online marketplace does not contain CBD oil marketed for pain relief. 

CBD products like topicals are not drugs or medications for pain. Research is often necessary to identify if CBD can benefit you. You can presently rely on limited research performed on CBD for pain management and anecdotal evidence from other users. Only you can decide whether CBD is good for you; but don’t forget to consult your practitioner before discontinuing any medicine. 

Hemp-Derived CBD

Though the CBD online marketplace is flooded with newer products being introduced everyday, the best CBD products are those coming from industrial hemp. This cannabis variant includes over 100 compounds of the hemp plant but the THC concentration is less than 0.3%. This ensures you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without getting high. The high CBD concentration of industrial hemp makes it perfect for making CBD that work for pain relief. After cultivation and processing, the industrial hemp gives pure CBD oil which can be formulated into different products including edibles and topicals suiting different preferences and needs. 

To decide whether it can treat your pain, it is important to understand where your pain comes from. Here are the primary causes of pain in the body.

  • Inflammation – The body exists in a balanced state which gets disturbed by inflammation. When any area of the body gets inflamed, it causes stabbing pains, aches and other troubling sensations.
  • Nerve pain – All the pain in the body is transmitted through the nervous system and nerve pain comes from the affected nerve bundles. Whether it is caused by a traumatic injury, electrolyte imbalance or medical condition, nerve pain is often disturbing.
  • Bone pain – A sharp pain or dull ache, suffering pain deep inside the body in the bones can be signs of medical issues.
  • Chronic pain – Constant discomfort occurring because of chronic pain can ruin lives. This is a pain that never stops.

Those who look for natural pain relief with CBD can be hopeful as evidence suggests CBD’s potential pain management effects. 

  • Seizure Pain – A lot of people have reported getting relief from pain and seizures with oils. 
  • Arthritis Relief – A study indicates that topical application of CBD is effective in treating inflammation and discomfort associated with arthritis. It is readily available for topical application to provide an easy way to use CBD directly on joints. 
  • Chronic Pain – Studies have shown that it can be promising for the treatment of chronic pain in adults. 

Only you can decide if cannabis oil for pain can be effective for you but understanding how CBD can affect pain management is important. The recent news that has decriminalized magic mushrooms Canada is the latest sign of growing interest in the use of psychedelics. To treat depression and chronic pain, shrooms are having a moment.